Square Turnings from Hanson Woodturning.

Custom made wooden table legs and pedestal bases.

Whether for purely decorative or structurally supportive purposes, custom made table legs and pedestal bases from Hanson Woodturning are the perfect complement to all types of wooden furniture.

These large, custom pieces are actually cut with special equipment - not turned on a lathe - yet share the same finished smoothness and attention to detail as a turning. Each piece is carefully shaped and precisely sanded by hand using a trained eye and practiced hands.

From decorative, custom detailed finials to table legs and pedestals for dining tables, end tables or coffee tables to unique wood turned bases supporting sofas and chairs, Hanson Woodturning has the capacity, equipment and skill to turn out something great.

With the proven ability to create highly detailed, ornate creations from wood, builders rely on Hanson's ability to deliver excellence - on time, on budget and right - every time.

Check out photos of some of our most recent work in the Gallery below.

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